Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The reason Moshiach isn't here yet (according to me)

**This post is directed towards Jews, and Jews only. It is not meant to incite hatred, anti-Semitism,  or be a "self-serving, inane piece of drivel."** 
*I just want to point out before you read this that I am speaking to myself as well as to all of klal Yisrael in my advice on bettering ourselves. I plan on practicing what I preach to the fullest (bli neder)*

So me and my friend/chavrusa have been wondering why Moshiach isn't here yet, and we've come to the conclusion that in order for him to come, people have to drop their egos. They have to become totally humble and shouldn't worry about what people might be saying about them behind their backs. Once this is accomplished, people will stop speaking lashon hara (hopefully), because most lashon hara is generated by the desire to be "above" someone else- to be able to speak about someone else with contempt, and disrgeard. This is not the way we should be speaking about our fellow yidden. We should be focusing on being the most G-d-fearing people as possible, and we should delight in doing His mitzvos.

Moshiach will come when the Jewish community lives like the Jewish community of the time of the Mishna- where life was run according to the Torah, and legal disputes were judged in a halachic nature by the Sanhedrin. Where people feared G-d more than they feared man. Where living a Torah way of life was the only imaginable way of life.

Be'Ezrat Hashem, we should be zoche to be the generation that brings Moshiach, so that the nations of the world will see the error of their ways, and acknowledge G-d's true Oneness, and so that we can serve G-d in Yerushalayim, ir haKodesh, by the 3rd Beis HaMikdash, bimhera be'yamenu, amen!!!